Credit Union Awareness Executive Director Chris Lorence told attendees of the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference that he aims to turn awareness into action in 2022. (Photo by

Lorence: Turning awareness into action in 2022

Awareness isn’t a marketing thing, ‘it’s a movement thing.’

March 1, 2022

Credit Union Awareness has seen success since its launch and is prepared to capitalize on that success this year and beyond, Executive Director Chris Lorence said on the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) stage Tuesday.

In 2021, consumers made more than 6 million visits to—the consumer-facing site that features information to help consumers gain insights on the credit union difference.

“The program has proven that by delivering the right message, at the right time, to the ideal audience, we can not only get their attention, we can create action,” Lorence says, adding that the questions he’s asked most often by credit unions, leagues, and other system supporters is: what’s next?

“We apply what we’ve learned. We expand our objective. We not only refine our strategy, we sharpen it to more effectively create a consumer journey all the way to the doorstep of a credit union,” he says.

In late March, will become a new consumer resource, one that will connect visitors searching for information to a credit union.

“With the introduction of the new YourMoneyFurther will be an integrated and intuitive credit union locator with matcher capabilities,” Lorence says. “Built from the ground up to align specifically with the Credit Union Awareness consumer journey experience. The locator will now create a measurable pathway to a credit union.”

Lorence also highlighted that awareness isn’t a marketing thing, “it’s a movement thing.”

“In a very short time, Credit Union Awareness has created measurable increases in awareness and consideration by reaching millions and millions of people, people who likely hadn’t considered a credit union as an option for them,” he says. “Let’s work together to turn that awareness into action.”

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