Conference conversations: Glen Sarvady
Joined by CUNA Senior Editor Ron Jooss (left), Glen Sarvady describes the opportunities for credit unions in the cryptocurrency market.

Conference conversations: The state of crypto

154 Advisors’ Glen Sarvady outlines the current state of the cryptocurrency market.

March 7, 2022



Cryptocurrency has emerged as a hot topic within financial services conversations, as more consumers are wading into the crypto waters, despite the risks and lack of regulation. 

In this interview with CUNA Senior Editor Ron Jooss, Glen Sarvady, managing principal of 154 Advisors, describes how credit unions have started to explore crypto as product offering (a few credit unions already offer crypto services).

 He also explains what’s driving consumer interest in cryptocurrency and where credit unions, as trusted financial services providers, can fit in this still-to-be-defined marketplace.

Listen to our conversation here.


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