Cooperative Credit Union Association partners with Defense Credit Union Council

March 28, 2022

The Cooperative Credit Union Association (CCUA) has joined forces with the Defense Credit Union Council to assist credit unions in Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island in recognizing and providing for the unique financial needs of members of the United States Armed Forces and their families.

Erratic pay, relocation expenses, spousal employment opportunities, and the cost of childcare are among the many rigors of military life that have many service families now worrying more about their finances in addition to deployments. Many service families struggle to get by on a single modest military income, often in a new, unfamiliar place without family or friends.

“This partnership, the first of its kind, underscores our appreciation for our service members and their families,” said CCUA President/CEO Ron McLean. “As credit unions serving military installations, Hanscom FCU and Pioneer Valley Credit Union in Massachusetts, Service FCU in New Hampshire, and Dover FCU in Delaware each have a special affinity for our military; but, as financial first responders, all of our member credit unions provide innovative options and solutions to help ease their burdens.”

“It’s important to realize the scope of service that our credit unions provide,” said DCUC President/CEO Anthony Hernandez. “It extends beyond the gates of military installations into every community. We represent the interests of all DoD personnel active and retired, including Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserve units, as well as their families. That means there is probably a military connection in the family tree of every credit union.”