Credit Union Awareness program expands to Alabama

Momentum grows as new credit union participants join the awareness program.

April 11, 2022

CU Awareness LLC announced today that Alabama is launching the Credit Union AwarenessTM program. The program aims to increase consumer consideration and connect more consumers directly to credit unions. Together, Credit Union Awareness and credit union participants have exceeded consumer consideration goals by 8 points from the 2019 baseline.  

“Since launching the program in early 2019, consumer consideration has risen from 13% to 21% in 2021. I’m excited to see this momentum continue to grow nationwide with the help of Alabama credit unions,” said Chris Lorence, executive director of CU Awareness LLC. “Thank you to our newest participants in Alabama, and the League of Southeastern Credit Unions, for leading this groundbreaking program in their state.”

Credit Union Awareness has gained national support, including the following new participants in Alabama: 

  • Alabama Credit Union
  • Alabama Teachers Credit Union
  • AlaTrust Credit Union
  • America’s First Federal Credit Union
  • Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union
  • Heritage South Credit Union
  • Jefferson Credit Union
  • North Alabama Educators Credit Union
  • Valley Credit Union

“Alabama credit unions have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to reaching consumers in every corner of the state to offer services and resources, often with better deposit and loan rates and lower fees than competing financial institutions,” stated Patrick La Pine, CEO of the League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates. “The growth and evolution of the Credit Union Awareness program is driving real results for credit unions across the country. We are thrilled Alabama is joining the growing list of states participating in the program and look forward to the continued success of this initiative in connecting consumers to credit unions in our state.” 

Credit Union Awareness launched an expanded program strategy in 2022 that directly connects more consumers to credit unions. To date, the campaign has resulted in 4.3 billion impressions and over 11.9 million visits to – a consumer-facing website that encourages visitors to learn more about the benefits of credit unions, and ultimately the pathways to membership.