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Maine League’s Mason says ‘it’s never too early’ for financial education

April 15, 2022

Though April is Financial Literacy Month, credit unions take financial education seriously all year long, Maine Credit Union League President/CEO Todd Mason wrote in the Portland Press-Herald. The Maine Credit Union League is promoting the theme “It’s Never Too Early” this month to get kids involved in financial education.

“We hope this messaging will serve as a good reminder about the importance of learning fiscal responsibility at a young age,” Mason wrote. “Knowledge is power, and by teaching children good money habits during their formative years, they will be better equipped to make smart money decisions as adults.”

Maine credit unions will continue delivering financial wellness programs to Mainers of all ages after April, Mason added.

“While our online program has been valuable for providing financial education during the pandemic, we are eager to begin offering our curriculum in-person again soon, especially at local schools,” he wrote. “It is our hope that other organizations celebrating National Financial Literacy Month will continue their important outreach throughout the year as well. Thirty days is simply not enough time to devote to a topic that impacts everyone.”