Credit Union Women’s Leadership Alliance Launches Exclusive Coaching Program to Tackle the Unique Challenges of Women Running Small Credit Unions

Powerful resource designed to support women-led credit unions under $300 million opens April 2022

April 18, 2022

Dallas, Tex., April 18, 2022 – – The Credit Union Women’s Leadership Alliance (CUWLA), an organization dedicated to providing opportunities for professional growth to women CEOs of smaller credit unions, today announced the launch of their signature program, CUWLA Coaching.

Designed by executive coach, author, and CEO, Angela Sebaly, CUWLA Coaching specifically tackles the specialized needs women CEOs of smaller credit unions by focusing on seven core competencies within a highly customized framework that meets the CEO where she is at. Participants take part in a three-month journey of self-awareness and skills building designed to support them as they break through to the next level of leadership. The program will begin in June 2022.

“Defining core competencies for women CEOs provides an important baseline for measurable impact,” Sebaly explains. “This foundational approach sets these women leaders up to make a powerful impact in their credit unions and in their communities that they will continue to build on over time.”

“We made a concerted effort to identify and focus on key competencies around effective leadership,” says founding member Lily Newfarmer, President and CEO of Tarrant County’s Credit Union. “Smaller credit unions have never been more important or more challenged than they are today, and we’re proud of the program we have designed to help these organizations and their CEOs thrive.”

Created with underwriting by CUNA Mutual Group, CUWLA Coaching will help these CEOs raise the bar on their own personal development in a powerful and meaningful way.

“We decided to support the creation of CUWLA Coaching because we know how critical it is for smaller credit unions to thrive,” says Gerry Singleton, vice president of CUNA Mutual Group. “Empowering these CEOs to make an even bigger impact in their communities aligns with our mission to make a brighter financial future accessible to everyone.”

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CUWLA launched in 2020 with a vision of providing a safe space for women CEOs of credit unions with asset sizes up to $300 million, offering mentorship, education, and collaboration that helps them thrive. The association hosts monthly Meet and Greets, quarterly Power Hours and special programs such as CUWLA Coaching to support the unique challenges and opportunities of this critical segment of the credit union system.

For more information, contact: Teri Robinson, President/CEO, Ironworkers USA Federal Credit Union,