Photo gallery: HROD agenda tackles compensation, other issues

PwC's Claudia Montgomery leads a discussion on overcoming talent shortages.

Photo gallery: HROD agenda tackles compensation, other issues

Breakout sessions address cultivating staff trust, burnout, and the employee experience.

April 26, 2022

The first full day of the 2022 CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council Conference got underway Monday with a full agenda of breakout sessions.

Breakouts covered a variety of topics, including compensation, burnout, the employee experience, and how human resource (HR) professionals can become strategic partners.

The conference continues through Wednesday.


Claudia Montgomery

“Don’t overlook the opportunity to keep cultivating employee trust,” says Claudia Montgomery, managing director, workforce transformation at PwC.


HROD22 Attendees

Attendees discuss how they’re fostering employee engagement.


Tansley Stearns

Tansley Stearns, chief operating officer at Canvas Credit Union, gives tips on how to handle mergers, including how to onboard new employees and integrate two cultures.


Trent Savage

Trent Savage, senior vice president/chief human resources officer at Mountain America Credit Union, explains how HR leaders can become strategic partners at the credit union.


Zach Upchurch

Zach Upchurch, chief operating officer at The Talent Strategy Group, discusses how to operationalize talent management.


Andrea Cooper

The pandemic amplified the employee experience, says Andrea Cooper, director, talent employee experience, at CUNA Mutual Group. She says HR leaders can create positive change within their organizations by reimagining the employee experience.


Philippe Asselin

Look at compensation and benefits as a strategic component of your organizational strategy, says Philippe Asselin, chief consultant with BalancedComp.


Robin Bouvier

The World Health Organization has defined burnout as “an occupational phenomenon resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed,” says Robin Bouvier, Aon’s vice president, health transformation.


Michele Padilla

Each generation has its own communication preferences, says Michele Padilla, director and senior leadership consultant with FCCS. Avoid miscommunication problems by learning how people prefer to communicate.


Mia Perez

Recruiting and onboarding a new employee has many similarities to dating, says Mia Perez, chief strategy and chief people officer at Louisiana Federal Credit Union.


HROD22 Networking

Many attendees moved the networking reception outside to the pool deck Monday.