Tennessee League’s Robinson: Financial education is key

May 31, 2022

Consumers deserve access to high quality financial services—starting with financial education, Tennessee Credit Union League President/CEO Fred Robinson wrote in The Tennessean. Robinson stressed the importance of financial education, and said the Tennessee League remains committed to providing tools and resources credit unions and members need.

“Financial literacy is paramount to our members’ overall well-being, and that’s why we promote financial education throughout the year,” he wrote. “Through our programs, we reach hundreds of members every month with outreach on important financial literacy topics ranging from budgeting 101, interest rate education and credit score ratings - to scam detection, particularly in vulnerable populations including college students and the elderly.”

Robinson added that this process includes preparing members for the worst, to keep them on sound financial footing.

“Through the Tennessee Credit Unions, we will continue to prioritize our members - current and future - with the best tools available to ensure a secure future,” he wrote. “We believe that starts with a strong baseline of financial literacy and welcome the annual opportunity to revisit best practices and adapt to new opportunities with our more than 2 million members statewide.”