Pride 2022
From left: Ari Farrell, Richard Cooper, and Dan Marquez

PODCAST: Celebrating Pride

The credit union movement’s LGBTQ+ community offers inspiration, identity, and support for all.

June 9, 2022

Credit unions celebrate Pride Month with their own collective voice of identity and representation.

CU Pride, the LGBTQ+ association for credit unions, provides a space where credit union LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies can come together for open discussion, education, engagement, and celebration.

But behind and outside of the organization are people with their own stories,  challenges, and triumphs.

In this episode of the CUNA News Podcast, three credit union leaders share their stories:

  • Richard Cooper, executive vice president and chief lending officer at $180 million asset Santa Cruz (Calif.) Community Credit Union, is a 40-plus-year veteran of the credit union industry and a long-time LGBTQ+ advocate;
  • Ari Farrell, senior specialty deposit group analyst at $1.6 billion asset Northwest Community Credit Union in Eugene, Ore., is passionate about learning, advocating, and creating safe spaces. 
  • Dan Marquez, a conversion strategist at Corelation Inc. and a founding member of CU Pride, performs as Madam Nymphadora, a development educator and drag entertainer.

They say Pride Month is about much more than parades and recognition, and share stories of courage, leadership, and optimism.

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In this episode:

2:00: Guest introductions

3:35: CU Pride

4:17: Pride Month for credit unions

9:17: The evolution of Pride Month

12:22: DEI and the LGBTQ+ community

16:33: The impact of LGBTQ+ individuals in their communities

22:40: Aging in LGBTQ+ and credit union communities