Cornerstone League releases 2021 impact report

June 21, 2022

The Cornerstone League released its 2021 Impact Report with a comprehensive story about how the League has shown up for its members and the community throughout the year.

“Credit unions adapted to meet the needs of their members in 2021, and Cornerstone League worked diligently to keep pace in support of their endeavors,” the report reads. “Our members received guidance and access to enhanced resources designed to promote credit union success and endurance amid a pandemic.”

Highlights include the League’s work to:

  • Enable members to participate directly with Cornerstone and extend their networking reach through programs such as Young Professionals, Councils, Chapters, Collaboration, Leadership Academy, and Sister Societies.
  • Keep members informed about matters such as cryptocurrency, open banking, and rapidly changing legislation affecting credit unions through its communications channels, helping members adapt to an ever-evolving financial services landscape.
  • Offer comprehensive professional development opportunities, which bring together credit union leaders from across the region to share ideas and hear from the industry’s most innovative thinkers.