Mark Majeske

PODCAST: Real-time cross-border payments

These transactions are more timely, efficient, and cost effective than wire transfers.

June 30, 2022

Payments drive the financial services industry. As the world becomes a more global marketplace, real-time cross-border payments are fast becoming table stakes for financial institutions, regulators, processors, and other third-party stakeholders.

This episode of the CUNA News Podcast, sponsored by Alacriti, examines the state of real-time cross border payments. Mark Majeske, Alacriti’s senior vice president of faster payments, says most consumers traditionally have relied on wire transfers to send money internationally.

But real-time payments are more timely, efficient, and cost effective, he says. Those are some reasons for the push by key financial system players to bring real-time payments to the cross-border transfer environment.

Majeske also explains how close we are to realizing real-time cross border payments. This includes meeting challenges such as interoperability and fraud.

One benefit fintechs such as Alacriti provide clients  is assistance with back-office and reporting requirements, enabling credit unions to offer the same payment services as larger financial institutions.

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In this episode:

2:26: Mark’s background

3:33: Why cross-border payments are a hot topic

4:44: How people sent money across borders previously

6:04: The expectation for real-time cross-border payments

7:07: The interoperability question

9:59: Fraud concerns

11:25: Monetary limitations as a fraud deterrent

12:52: The role of fintechs

16:00: The opportunity to partner with fintechs