World Council, Filene to share Madison office

July 5, 2022

World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) will share Filene Research Institute’s space in its Madison, Wis., office at the end of summer. 

“Filene has always been a great partner with World Council over the course of our history, and I have no doubt that will only grow in the coming years with this move,” said Paul Treinen, World Council executive vice president.  

Filene explored sub-leasing a portion of its Madison office space prior to the start of the pandemic, in hopes of sharing space with other local credit union organizations.  

WOCCU was looking for a flexible office space to accommodate its staff and more opportunities for collaboration. The groups saw the value of a shared space that allowed deeper knowledge of credit union opportunities and challenges globally. 

“The in-person ‘accidental collisions’ Filene has experienced among staff and with others across the credit union system have been invaluable to advancing ideas and creating new opportunities,” said Filene’s Chief Finance and Operations Officer Patsy Stewart. “With WOCCU in our office, we can continue to expand our credit union network and proactively enable those crucial connections.”