mary ann

CU Hero of the Year shares collaboration success

July 6, 2022

Mary Ann Pusateri, CEO of Partnership Financial Credit Union, appeared on CU Broadcast to discuss her Credit Union Magazine 2022 Credit Union Hero of the Year award. 

“I have to say having your peers vote for you is quite an honor,” Pusateri said. “I’m pleased, thankful, and appreciative. I’m very honored.” 

She attributed her award to the collaboration she built with other local credit unions to meet the unique challenges small credit unions face, and how those partnerships ultimately led to the institutions merging to create Partnership Financial Credit Union 

In creating Partnership Financial, Mary Ann and her fellow CEOs agreed that every employee merged into the credit union would retain their jobs and benefits. The credit union now offers more products and in-house expertise, and members also benefit from more locations, including a part-time location at Triton College. 

“It’s collaboration. It’s cooperation. It’s teamwork. You get everybody on the same page,” said Pusateri when giving advice on mergers.

The episode can be found here.