Bolun Li

PODCAST: Making financial education fun

Zogo’s mobile app encourages members to ‘learn and earn.’

July 14, 2022

The key to financial education is engagement. Participants learn best when they can apply  information to real-life situations that provide understanding and feedback. 

That’s especially true in a digital environment that competes with social media and gaming.

This  episode of the CUNA News podcast, sponsored by Zogo, features Bolun Li, the company’s founder and CEO.

Zogo is a financial literacy app that pays users to learn. Li founded Zogo from his dorm room at Duke University in 2018 after virtually sleeping through a boring lecture on financial wellness.

In this interview, Li describes how credit unions can partner with Zogo to provide a better financial education option to members, especially the younger generation. The app has more than 700 modules that cover a range of topics, and each takes just a couple minutes to complete. 

As Li says, Zogo turns fear of financial literacy into fun, which creates opportunities for both credit unions and their members.

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In this episode:

2:06: Where the idea for Zogo came from

2:50: The process of starting the company

3:40: The need for financial literacy among young people

4:22: The financial challenges of the younger generation

5:00: How Zogo engages users

5:50: How Zogo works with FIs

6:47: What makes Zogo unique from competitors

7:58: How Zogo’s games work

8:37: Plans in the works

9:38: Involvement in crypto

10:42: Possible growth paths