Ouachita Valley Federal Credit Union Assistant Vice President of Lending Marlon Owens.

‘Anybody can serve’

Emerging Leader Marlon Owens embraces a service-centered mindset.

August 23, 2022

Marlon Owens, assistant vice president of lending at Ouachita Valley Federal Credit Union in Monroe, La., lives his life according to a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quote: “Everyone can be great because anybody can serve.”

This service-centered mindset led Owens to win the Louisiana Credit Union League’s (LCUL) inaugural Emerging Leader Award. His service at the $322 million asset credit union includes producing the credit union’s instant messaging platform, increasing interdepartmental cross training programs, and revising loan policies.

Owens says he’s most proud of “revamping some of the policies on lower credit tier members, implementing community outreach efforts for veterans, and being heavily involved with financial counseling programs within our community.”

Owens volunteers with the West Ouachita Youth Sports Association, where he loves coaching football, basketball, and baseball. He also enjoys being outside with his family, enjoying nature, and participating in big cookouts with his extended family.

A hunger for serving, volunteering, learning, accepting challenges, and providing “legendary service” drives Owens at work, where he’s learning everything he can about the lending department.

Whether it’s consumer, commercial, mortgage, or indirect lending, Owens strives to increase the efficiency of daily operations.

In all aspects of life, he’s heavily inspired by the legacies of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela.

‘Being humble, relatable, and hardworking have helped me throughout my career.’
Marlon Owens

“Both men lived lives of sacrifice for the greater good of those around them,” says Owens, who describes his leadership style as transformational and participative. “It’s important for every leader to have a vision, and equally as important to inspire, motivate, and involve those being led in the vision.

“Being humble, relatable, and hardworking have helped me throughout my career,” he continues. “They will continue to propel me to new heights.”

Those heights include aspirations to be part of upper management and eventually become a CEO. However, the emerging leader is in no rush, encouraging those with similar career goals to be patient in their journey.

“Achieving goals does not happen overnight,” Owens says. “Be willing to embrace the good days as well as the bad. And be intentional about learning from every situation.”