Coaching: Talk less, listen more

CUNA Coaching Conversations eSchool enhances leadership qualities

August 23, 2022

Credit union managers, people leaders and those who aspire to be people leaders can learn how to motivate their team and ask the right questions at CUNA Coaching Conversations eSchool, Oct. 13 to Nov. 3, 2022.

“Coaching is a skill to be nurtured and practiced. It is not one-and-done,” said Marlo Foltz. “This eSchool will help people leaders improve their coaching capabilities. The content will provide new tools and resources to help individuals hone their communication skills and increase their accountability.”

Employee performance, employee engagement, talent retention and business execution are at risk without effective coaching conversations. This training can enhance every leader’s coaching confidence and competence.

The four eSchool sessions will cover the fundamentals of coaching conversations, and how to guide people to their own solutions.

For more information, visit the eSchool’s webpage.