Coconut Software Director of Content Marketing Jillian Wood.

4 member journey drop-off points to improve ASAP

Drive engagement by infusing more choice into the member journey.

September 5, 2022

Every credit union wants a smooth member experience.

But institutions often forget to prioritize one thing when designing their journeys: member choice.

Most credit unions force members to connect with their staff on their schedule, in their designated channels (usually, in-branch or through their contact center). This lack of flexibility can frustrate members and cause them to drop off.

However, letting members choose how, when, and where they engage with your team can:

  1. Take the guesswork out of what members want.
  2. Take the burden of managing/coordinating requests off of staff.
  3. Let members control and personalize their experience.

Here are four touchpoints where giving members more options for connecting with you will drive higher engagement, satisfaction, and—ultimately—loyalty: 

  1. Your mobile app
  2. Do you include prompts in your mobile app to book appointments with specialists? A well-paced “Talk to an Expert” button can be a game changer, whether it leads to a self-serve appointment booking flow, a video call, or an online chatbot.

  3. Locations page
  4. When members view branch information online, make it easy to see who’s available and what the wait is like so they can drop in when it’s most convenient. Consider sharing staff availability for appointments at each branch, and provide live wait times. They’ll appreciate the time savings and thoughtfulness before making a trip!

  5. Online forms
  6. Abandonment rates for online banking applications are at an all-time high. Giving customers easy access to support will make sure forms get submitted faster. Offer opportunities to speak with an expert online through virtual chat or video appointments. (The best video banking tools have screen sharing and co-browsing capabilities that make filling out forms together a breeze.) If live support isn’t an option, allow people to pre-book a virtual call with someone who can help.

  7. In-branch kiosk
  8. Long lines, missing advisors, and other in-person mishaps can cause members to leave a location feeling defeated. Digital queuing solutions can help members steer their own journey from the get-go. Look for queueing tools that offer instant check-in for those with pre-booked appointments so they can skip the line. (All you need is an iPad to get started.) For walk-ins, show them estimated wait times so they can decide if joining the queue is best. Giving them the options to get “next-in-line” notifications or instantly book an appointment for another time also gives them more control of their experience. 

More member entry points where members may drop off are outlined in Coconut Software’s free Engagement Path Gap Analysis tool. Access it now for the complete list. Get the full list of touchpoints and see how your member journey scores.

Jillian Wood is director of content marketing at Coconut Software.