A generous spirit

Latonya Allen strives to move members and co-workers forward.

September 23, 2022

Latonya Allen began her credit union career as a high-school intern. Three years later she joined Government Printing Office Federal Credit Union in Washington, D.C., where she’s now director of consumer lending and marketing.

Along her career path have been several notable achievements, including her graduation from the National Credit Union Foundation’s Development Education program.

Allen is proudest of receiving the African American Credit Union Coalition’s (AACUC) 2022 Commitment to Change Young Professionals Leadership Award. This honor recognizes credit union leaders who exemplify bold, mindful, and brave leadership for working to eradicate racism throughout the credit union industry and advancing AACUC’s mission.

Allen is a positive thinker. During the pandemic, she quickly adapted to change and learned to prepare for the unexpected.

“It was a challenge to guide our members to a new way of banking,” she says. “We wanted to let our members know we care about them. The world will never be the same. We created programs to assist members struggling with hardships and made sure everyone knew how to access their funds.”

Allen is an active AACUC member, where she’s a chapter liaison. She also serves as underground advocate for the Underground Movement, an industry initiative founded by Mitchell Stankovic and Associates

In addition, Allen is a member of the Credit Union Financial Education Network and the MD|DC Credit Union Association Young Professionals Network.

Allen is passionate about the credit union philosophy of “people helping people.” She marvels at the “special feeling of helping those around me with their financing and banking needs.”

She adds, “The credit union space allows me to be my authentic self, which means I can be brave enough to give my best and speak boldly when I see changes that should be made to better the lives of our members.”

Each day at work, Allen aims to make a difference in the lives of her co-workers and members. She strives to take more risks, embracing the mantra, “the bigger the reward the greater the risk.”

“As lenders, we sometimes shy away from risk,” Allen says. “However, in today’s world we must take risks every day.

“I have learned not to run from things I don’t like or may disagree with. I embrace all challenges that come my way and look at them as opportunities to excel and be successful.”

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