Richard Roark, Bay Federal Credit Union; Steve McConnell, Northwoods Credit Union; Ryan Lemere, Bay Federal Credit Union; and Troy Smith, Valley Credit Union.

Pandemic alters security landscape

Remote work arrangements require increased employee education.

September 22, 2022

The pandemic ushered in an era of remote work and a new set of information security (IS) challenges, a panel of security leaders said Wednesday during the CUNA Technology Council’s 9th Annual Security Summit in Las Vegas. 

The summit directly precedes the 2022 CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council and CUNA Technology Council Conference, Sept. 21-24 in Las Vegas. 

Moderated by Richard Roark, senior vice president/chief technology officer at Bay Federal Credit Union in Capitola, Calif., the panel featured: 

  • Richard Borden, information security officer at Blackhawk Community Credit Union in Janesville, Wis. 
  • Ryan Lemere, network engineer at Bay Federal Credit Union. 
  • Steve McConnell, vice president of technology and security at Northwoods Credit Union in Cloquet, Minn.  
  • Troy Smith, vice president of information technology at Valley Credit Union in Billings, Mont. 

Some key IS issues the pandemic has raised: 

  • Maintaining overall security in a hybrid working environment. Credit unions eed to treat remote work arrangements like a branch at home.  One practice that improves security is locking down the hours during which employees can log on. At Northwoods, for example, remote employees can log on from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. 
  • Implementing the right security tools across a wider swath of staff, such as virtual private networks, endpoint detection, machine learning, relational database services, cloud-based security, secure video conferencing, and multifactor authentication. 
  • Increasing staff education about the risks involved in working remotely. 
  • Reviewing and updating remote work policies and procedures annually. 
  • Collaborating with other departments, particularly compliance, human resources, and information technology.  
  • Conducting a work-from-home risk assessment. 

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