Jim Nussle

Rock Stars put members first

These leaders take our movement to new heights to better our members.

October 5, 2022

This year’s Credit Union Rock Star campaign, sponsored by Fiserv, is filled with amazing individuals who have taken the credit union difference to new heights. They’re among my favorite stories to read each year, and this year is no exception.

I’m always interested in how people came into the credit union movement. My own path had several stops beforehand, but many of them prepared me for the work I do every day.

When I read about Credit Union Rock Stars, I’m struck by a sense that not only did they find the credit union movement, the movement found them. 

The credit union movement attracts those who want to make a real difference in people’s lives—and in their communities—and these are the people who take our movement to new heights to better our members. 

That’s what resonates with so many people about the credit union movement. Everything we do is on behalf of our members, and we’re always trying to get better.

Some ways we do this are more obvious than others. It’s easy to see how field-of-membership modernization would allow credit unions to do more, and our work in this space is to convince policymakers who can make this into law.

‘The credit union movement attracts those who want to make a real difference in people’s lives.’

But what about those leaders who make their institution a more efficient place, freeing up time and resources to go toward members? What about those who are working to make their credit union the most attractive place for community members and businesses to work with?

That’s what Credit Union Rock Stars do. They find new and better ways to help our members.

They find new ways to do things we didn’t think possible. They’re pioneers in the digital space and masters of data; they shape their institutions to the needs of the community and work to create a top-notch workplace culture.

Our movement attracts the kind of people who do the things you’ll read about in this issue. It’s on all of us to make sure we continue to not only attract but retain and challenge them and others looking to find a way to make a difference.

I hope you’ll read these stories and get inspired to more deeply explore what we’re capable of. However these leaders came to credit unions, they’re doing the work to make us better, stronger, and more service oriented.

And I—along with millions of credit union members—are glad they’re part of our movement.

JIM NUSSLE is president/CEO at Credit Union National Association.