Tristate Mentorship Match

Credit union professionals to participate in Tristate Mentorship Match

October 31, 2022

Over 70 participants from three states were selected to participate in this year’s Tristate Mentor Match - a 12-month formal mentorship program developed in partnership by the Minnesota Credit Union Network, Montana’s Credit Unions and the Wisconsin Credit Union League. The program is designed to build, grow, and support professionals and inspire commitment to a career in the credit union movement.

“Mentoring is a cost-effective, valuable tool for developing the credit union movement’s most important asset, our people,” said Mark Cummins, president/CEO of the Minnesota Credit Union Network. “We are thrilled at the success of the first year of the collaboration, and are pleased to see even more participants in this second year of the program.”

“The Tristate Mentorship Program is an excellent example of cooperation amongst state leagues to provide an important value-add for membership,” added Tracie Kenyon, president/CEO of Montana's Credit Unions. “I had several conversations with mentors and mentees of last year’s program where each of them shared how meaningful the relationship proved to be. I am looking forward to hearing similar reports from this year’s participants.”

Brett Thompson, president/CEO of The Wisconsin Credit Union League, echoed with these statements. "After just one year, we are already seeing the fruits of this collaborative effort, in building and strengthening relationships across The Movement and in providing guidance and inspiration for credit union professionals to propel their careers forward.”

Mentorship pairs will meet monthly for the next year, supported by a program guide, check-ins from league staff, and additional resources to help maximize the experience for both the mentee and mentor.

The Tristate Mentorship Match is sponsored in part by Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union, Corporate Central Credit Union, and Millennium Corporate Credit Union.  

Congratulations to the following participants:

  • Nicole Hesley, Anoka Hennepin, Minnesota, Mentee
  • Jasmin Scott, Anoka Hennepin, Minnesota, Mentee
  • Rachel Wallender, Billings, Montana, Mentee
  • Jason Kivela, Brantwood, Wisconsin, Mentee
  • Justin Houle, Catholic United Financial, Minnesota, Mentee
  • Kalie Brittner, Clearwater, Montana, Mentee
  • Samantha Skarlupka, Covantage, Wisconsin, Mentor
  • Kendra Wichman, Fergus, Montana, Mentor
  • Michael Rosek, First Alliance, Minnesota, Mentor
  • Nathan Dormody, Heartland, Minnesota, Mentor
  • Angela VanValkenburg, High Peaks, Montana, Mentee
  • LaDonna M Knox, High Peaks, Montana, Mentee
  • Kali Stender, High Peaks, Montana, Mentee
  • Brianna Jensen, Hiway, Minnesota, Mentee
  • Sharon Wingate, Hiway, Minnesota, Mentee
  • Loriel Kral-Boemer, Hiway, Minnesota, Mentee
  • Andrew Deans, Hiway, Minnesota, Mentor
  • Rebecca Christensen, Intrepid, Montana, Mentee
  • Trish Ackart, Intrepid, Montana, Mentee
  • Melissa Gehl , Leading Edge, Minnesota, Mentee
  • Hailey Munro, Lincoln  County, Montana, Mentee
  • Jodi Maus, Magnifi Financial, Minnesota, Mentor
  • Steve Ewers, Members Cooperative, Minnesota, Mentor
  • Ralph Hamann, Members Cooperative, Minnesota, Mentor
  • Christopher Goebel, Minnco, Minnesota, Mentor
  • Anita QuagliaGanje, Minnco, Minnesota, Mentor
  • Charlie Yenni, Northern States Power - St. Paul, Minnesota, Mentor
  • Andrea Hawkins, Northwoods, Minnesota, Mentee
  • Jeremy Presta, Park Side Financial, Montana, Mentor
  • Maureen Bryan, Park Side Financial, Montana, Mentor
  • Josh Kroll, Park Side Financial, Montana, Mentor
  • Brad Grant, Premier Financial, Wisconsin, Mentor
  • Courtney Bartlett, Proctor, Minnesota, Mentee
  • Samantha Collins, Ravalli County, Montana, Mentee
  • Laci Rose, Ravalli County, Montana, Mentor
  • Darci Parsons, Ravalli County, Montana, Mentor
  • Carolyn French, Rocky Mountain, Montana, Mentee
  • Lisa Krei , Rocky Mountain, Montana, Mentee
  • Jack Livingston, Royal, Minnesota, Mentee
  • Brittany O'Malley, Royal, Minnesota, Mentee
  • Jennifer Liedl, Royal, Wisconsin, Mentee
  • Dena Clark, Royal, Wisconsin, Mentee
  • Cooper Larson, Royal, Wisconsin, Mentee
  • Melanie Baumgart, Royal, Wisconsin, Mentee
  • Bailey Rodenberg, Royal, Wisconsin, Mentee
  • Danielle Geissler, Royal, Wisconsin, Mentee
  • Morgan Lecheler, Royal, Wisconsin, Mentee
  • Andrew Baldwin, Royal, Wisconsin, Mentee
  • Amy Schaefer, Royal, Wisconsin, Mentor
  • Jennifer McHugh, Royal, Wisconsin, Mentor
  • Scott Wuerch, Royal, Wisconsin, Mentor
  • Taylor Tarras, Royal, Wisconsin, Mentor
  • Jesse Smith, Royal, Wisconsin, Mentor
  • Andrea Finn, Royal, Wisconsin, Mentor
  • Timothy Barthel, Sentry, Wisconsin, Mentor
  • Phillip Kopischke, Sharepoint, Minnesota, Mentor
  • Ben Kuss, Sky, Montana, Mentor
  • Justin D Burleson, Spire, Minnesota, Mentor
  • Bridget Petersen, Spire, Minnesota, Mentor
  • Maya Santiago, Summit, Wisconsin, Mentee
  • Brandy Claussen, TopLine, Minnesota, Mentee
  • Carla Hansen, TopLine, Minnesota, Mentor
  • Katy Cowdy, University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Mentor
  • Elizabeth Melendez, University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Mentor
  • Catherine Neumayer, Valley Financial, Montana, Mentee
  • Hailey Larsen, Valley Financial, Montana, Mentee
  • Brandon Scala, Valley Financial, Montana, Mentor
  • Eric Wilson, Valley Financial, Montana, Mentor
  • Matt Venturini, Whitefish Credit Union Association, Montana, Mentor
  • Jake Weinand, Wings Financial, Minnesota, Mentor
  • Kelly Bechard, Wings Financial, Minnesota, Mentor