4 tips for Credit Union Hero nominations

Be thorough, specific, and creative—and brag a little.

April 2, 2022

Each year, Credit Union Magazine recognizes the credit union movement’s heroes: those unsung leaders who go above and beyond to demonstrate credit union philosophy and make a difference in their communities.

It’s time to nominate the class of 2023 Credit Union Heroes at The deadline for submissions is Dec. 12.

Consider these tips when submitting a nomination:

1. Be thorough. What knowledge do they have, and how do they demonstrate their commitment to credit union principles and their communities?? What are their interests, hobbies, and passions?

2. Be specific. What are the tangible results of their efforts?

3. Be creative. Give us a sense of the hero’s personality. What’s unique about this Rock Star? What makes this person tick? What are some examples of this?

4. Brag a little. What awards has this person won? What are some measurable ways in which this person has benefitted or improved their organization and their communities?

The deadline for nominations is Dec. 12. Credit Union Magazine’s readers will select the 2023 Credit Union Hero of the Year via an online poll.

You can read about previous Credit Union Heroes here.

 Nominate a Credit Union Hero today.