Pa. credit union leaders talk financial resolutions for new year

December 22, 2022

Michael Wishnow, CrossState Credit Union Association senior vice president of marketing and communications, appeared on Pennsylvania Newsmakers recently to talk about improving financial health with credit union in the new year. He was joined by Kristen Heisey president/CEO of Everence Federal Credit Union.

"Most credit unions have low-cost products that can help you avoid fees. A lot of people are using check cashers, pawnbrokers, payday lenders, those are all really expensive ways to manage your money," Wishnow said. "Credit unions can sit you down one-on-one and get you on the right path."

Heisey noted that money can go further with lower financial institution fees from credit unions, especially important with rising costs.

“Everyone has challenges, and a credit union is here to help walk people through them,” she said. “One of the big challenges is helping people improve credit score, get access to better rates, that’s something we can do.”

Wishnow and Heisey also discussed the importance of good financial habits at a young age.

The full interview can be found below: