CUNA Economists

CUNA Senior Economist Ligia Vado (left), Senior Economist Dawit Kebede (middle), and Deputy Chief Advocacy Officer for Policy Analysis and Chief Economist Mike Schenk.

PODCAST: Forecasting the 2023 economy

CUNA economists share insights on lending, inflation, a potential recession, and more.

January 13, 2023

What will the economy look like in 2023?

CUNA’s three economists joined the CUNA News Podcast this week to discuss all the economic signs they're seeing and what those signs mean for the year ahead.

Deputy Chief Advocacy Officer for Policy Analysis and Chief Economist Mike Schenk, Senior Economist Dawit Kebede, and Senior Economist Ligia Vado examine the chances of a recession, the lending market, signs of economic optimism, and prospects for supply chain issues and inflation.

The economic landscape is constantly changing, so this episode will serve as a starting point for 2023. As the year progresses, check back in with the CUNA economists’ monthly Economic Updates

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In this episode:

3:55 Takeaways from 2022

8:20 Economic concerns 

12:20 Reasons to be optimistic

16:05 Are we looking at a recession in 2023?

19:30 Will high inflation continue in the year ahead?

20:45 2023 lending outlook

22:55 The housing market

25:12 Have supply chain issues eased?

28:40 Auto lending

30:44 The stock market

35:00 Savings growth