VIDEO: Weekly Wrap-up: Jan. 9-13

CUNA economists, council members take a long look at the 2023 economy.

January 13, 2023

The first CUNA News Weekly Wrap-up of 2023 breaks down the best CUNA News, CUNA News Podcast, and Credit Union Magazine content from Jan. 9 through Jan. 13.

Many of our highlights feature credit union leaders looking at the year ahead.

On the latest CUNA News Podcast episode, CUNA economists Mike Schenk, Ligia Vado, and Dawit Kebede examine the economic landscape, stock market, supply chain, inflation, lending market, chances of a recession, and more.

Similarly, CUNA News features insight from Ironworkers USA Credit Union CEO Teri Robinson and Vantage West’s Jeremy Pinard, who share plans for success in 2023.

Watch until the end for the rest of the week's highlights and a sneak peak at next week's content.

Watch now: