Left to right: PAHO/WHO Federal Credit Union's Michael Ray, SAFE Credit Union's Amanda Merz, Numerica Credit Union's Amanda Swan, and Northeast Family Federal Credit Union's Joanne Todd.

PODCAST: 2023 Credit Union Heroes

Unsung heroes share their dedication to community advocacy.

March 7, 2023

Credit Union Magazine’s 2023 Credit Union Heroes have shaped their credit union spirit and philosophy around their personal outlook and experiences.

These heroes join the CUNA News Podcast to share those values and detail how they advocate for people in their communities.

The 2023 Credit Union Heroes are:

Visit to read about our 2023 Credit Union Heroes, who will be featured in the spring issue of Credit Union Magazine. Vote for the 2023 Credit Union Hero of the Year in our online poll. Voting ends March 18.

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In this episode:

2:20: Intro to Amanda Merz

5:26: SAFE Credit Union's three pillars of philanthropy

7:51: Common member financial struggles

9:15: Programs that SAFE Credit Union supports

10:52: Merz's advice for credit unions addressing community needs

11:33: Intro to Michael Ray

11:45: Ray's approach to business development

13:14: Developing credit unions internationally

15:51: How international experiences have shaped Ray at home

17:06: Improving members' financial literacy

23:32: Intro to Amanda Swan

24:05: How Numerica Credit Union gives back

26:32: How Swan's life experiences shaped her service

28:03: Forming community partnerships

29:56: The Numerica Charitable Fund

31:25: Being more than charitable, and more than a credit union

33:13: Intro to Joanne Todd

35:25: Building trust within the community

36:48: Todd's belief in cooperatives

37:45: American Friends of Kenya

39:15: Financial literacy's connection to culture

42:16: Meeting people where they are

42:45: Addressing member needs within their budget