The times, they’re still a-changing

We’re not immune to supply chain issues and other modern travails.

February 13, 2023

Have you tried to buy paper lately? 

Not so easy if you need reams of the stuff for frivolous pursuits such as magazines and newsletters.

Our Winter 2022 issue, for instance, should have mailed in mid-November but didn’t leave the printer until the first part of December due to paper and labor shortages.

No paper and no one to print it if there were. We’re sorry for the delay.

Apparently, cardboard is the new Golden Idol of the paper world, far more lucrative than magazine stock due to all of those packages going everywhere. Call it the Amazon effect.

Let me get Jeff Bezos on the horn, and we’ll hash this out.

Another indication we’ve been swept up in changing times: This will be the last issue of Credit Union Magazine officially produced at Credit Union National Association headquarters, 5710 Mineral Point Road in Madison, Wis. The building was unveiled in 1980 after a move from the original Filene House on Sherman Avenue in downtown Madison.

While we look forward to our sleek, new offices, 5710 will occupy a special place in our hearts.

At least we’re leaving the building on a high note. Our 2023 Credit Union Heroes are yet another inspiring group of credit union leaders. 

This year’s Credit Union Heroes focus on philanthropy, embrace financial education, serve at-risk youths and struggling families, and take their member-service mission globally.

We encourage you to read their profiles and vote for the 2023 Credit Union Hero of the Year at

The voting deadline is March 18. We’ll announce and highlight the winner online.

BILL MERRICK is deputy editor at Credit Union National Association.