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From left: Andrea Molnau, Debra Hurston, Dan Johnson and David Muse.

PODCAST: Celebrating Black History Month

Leaders recognize the significance of diversity within the credit union movement.

February 9, 2023

This episode of the CUNA News Podcast highlights Black History Month, recognizing the significance of Black leadership within the credit union movement and sharing the promise of a new credit union formed in Minneapolis.

CUNA Senior Editor Ron Jooss opens the episode by speaking with Arise Community Credit Union founders Debra Hurston and Dan Johnson, and Andrea Molnau of the Minnesota Credit Union Network. They explore how a new Black-led credit union will be uniquely positioned to understand the financial challenges facing community members.

David Muse, CEO at $13 million asset Howard University Employees Federal Credit Union in Washington, D.C., joins CUNA Assistant Editor Brock Fritz to discuss leading a credit union that serves a historically Black university. He also explains the importance of celebrating the legacy of Black leaders.

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In this episode:

2:40: Why Arise Community Credit Union was formed

4:50: Financial support from the community

5:30: Support from Minnesota credit unions

6:00: Debra’s experience with Minnesota unions

7:00: Dan Johnson’s current role

9:00: The opportunity for Dan

11:45: Minnesota credit union engagement

13:10: David Muse’s background

13:40: His current focus at the credit union

14:20: HUEFCU’s membership—and plans to grow

15:15: What’s interesting about the HBCU experience, and what’s the same

16:23: What Black History Month means to David Muse

17:45: Credit union plans for Black History Month

18:50: David Muse’s perspective on Black History Month during his career

20:35: HUEFCU’s work with the Black community

24:20: Challenges for a small credit union