Eric Tran-Le
Eric Tran-Le, vice president, head of Actimize Premier at Nice Actimize.

The need for speed: How to prepare for real-time payments

Maintain safety and security while reducing transaction times to seconds.

February 27, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, speed is everything. From instantaneous information to same-day delivery, consumers have come to expect instant gratification.

The financial industry is no exception, with the rise of real-time payment systems like FedNow and Zelle. These systems can enable credit unions to offer faster payments to their members, reducing transaction times from days to mere seconds.

But, as the saying goes, with great speed comes great responsibility. Credit unions must be prepared to keep up with the need for speed, while also ensuring the safety and security of their members' assets.

Preparation is key

To prepare for FedNow and other faster payment systems, credit unions should evaluate their current payment infrastructure and identify any gaps that need to be addressed. This may involve investing in new technology or upgrading existing systems, as well as educating staff and collaborating with other financial institutions.

One crucial aspect of preparing for real-time payments is implementing strong fraud prevention measures. Real-time fraud detection is essential for credit unions to prevent fraudulent transactions and protect their members' assets.

By using artificial intelligence-based algorithms and machine learning to detect patterns of fraudulent behavior and flag suspicious transactions, credit unions can respond quickly and prevent fraudulent activity before it can cause significant damage.

Real-time fraud detection is particularly important in the context of FedNow and other faster payment systems. These systems operate in real time and transactions cannot be reversed once they have been authorized.

Without real-time fraud detection, credit unions will most likely be unable to detect fraudulent activity until it is too late, resulting in loss of members’ funds, trust, and business, as well as damage to the brand and member loyalty.

Full speed ahead

In summary, credit unions must be prepared to adapt to the changing landscape of real-time payments. 

By evaluating their payment infrastructure, educating staff, collaborating with other financial institutions, and implementing strong fraud detection measures, credit unions can ensure they are ready to participate in FedNow and other faster payment systems.

ERIC TRAN-LE is vice president, head of Actimize Premier at NICE Actimize.