Using technology to reduce friction in the lending process

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March 6, 2023

Credit unions have been leaders in consumer trust for decades, earning a reputation as safe, reliable partners for generations of members. To maintain that high level of consumer trust, credit unions must ensure their technology keeps pace with consumers’ expectations for seamless digital interactions.

Credit unions’ consumer satisfaction ratings marginally decreased in 2022, while banks and fintechs saw a slight lift—largely due to their modern digital and mobile banking capabilities.

Now, credit unions have a unique opportunity to regain ground with tech-savvy members. To do so, they’ll need to lean into consumer-focused loan products while upgrading the technology that powers their underwriting business.

When borrowers shop for more favorable loan conditions, many turn to credit unions. To fully capitalize on borrowers’ increased interest, credit unions must remove barriers to entry, such as counterintuitive, time-intensive application processes.

Enter the modern loan origination system (LOS). With the right technology, credit unions can modernize their lending processes to keep pace with digital-native competitors, enabling them to retain members and attract new borrowers.

Borrowers want loan applications to be intuitive, fast, and secure. That means borrowers must be able to easily and securely apply for loans from their mobile devices. Sending loan applications and personal documents through unprotected methods, like email and unencrypted web forms, is no longer sufficient in an age of rampant cybersecurity attacks.

modern LOS includes native features and integrations that guarantee a frictionless and secure experience for borrowers and a streamlined process for lenders.

But it’s not just about getting applicants in the door. A cutting-edge LOS can also help credit unions increase approval rates without assuming more risk. Artificial intelligence and auto-decisioning tools use models designed to identify borrowers with nontraditional credit profiles so credit unions can say “yes” to more applicants, even in a tough economy. Key LOS features include an intuitive, mobile-first member experience, automation capabilities, and integration with next generation tools like artificial intelligence.

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  • The benefits of automation
  • Examples of success stories
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Position your credit union for future growth through the adoption of advanced loan origination technology. Going forward, these solutions will be particularly beneficial as more borrowers turn to credit unions for consumer-friendly loan options. With a modern LOS, you can confidently extend credit to more borrowers, enabling you to foster growth for your institution and your community. Learn more with this complimentary white paper download.