CUNA suggests improvements to FCC Order blocking illegal robotexts

March 10, 2023

CUNA and other organizations support the Federal Communications Commission’s quick action to curb illegal robotexts, they wrote to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in an ex parte letter responding to a February public draft Report and Order from the FCC on message blocking.

“The Associations support regulation of texts sent from invalid, unallocated or unused numbers and those on Do Not Originate lists and are pleased to see the Commission take action to block such texts,” the letter reads.

The organizations also support redress mechanisms in the draft order which requires that wireless providers maintain a single point of contact for text senders to: promptly, effectively and efficiently have their erroneously blocked texts unblocked; and promptly unblock texts where the sender presents a credible claim that its text should not have been blocked.

The letter also includes proposed language changes to clarify and enhance redress mechanisms, and requests the FCC seek further comment on “ways to ensure blocking is done on a competitively neutral and content neutral manner.” The draft Report and Order was circulated in advance of the announced public meeting of the Commission to be held March 16. CUNA filed comment to the FCC’s initial proposal on this topic in November.