Interest rate cap briefing, climate risk RFI on NCUA’s April 20 agenda

April 13, 2023

The NCUA board will be briefed on the federal credit union interest rate ceiling and issue a request for information on climate-related financial risk at its April 20 meeting. CUNA requested NCUA consider increasing the fixed rate cap or adopting a floating rate cap in recent engagement with the agency.

The Federal Credit Union Act provides a default interest rate limit for federal credit union loans of 15%, and permits the NCUA Board to increase the rate cap if certain conditions are met. It has been 18% since the late 1980s, most recently renewed in January.

CUNA has asked the agency to be mindful of the current interest rate environment—particularly the Fed’s recent and continuing rate hikes—when reviewing the ceiling.

The complete agenda for the meeting is:

  • Board briefing, cybersecurity update.
  • Request for Information and Comment, climate-related financial risk.
  • Board briefing, federal credit union loan interest rate ceiling.

The meeting will be streamed live on starting 10 a.m. ET April 20.