NCUA finalizes member expulsion rule

July 21, 2023

The NCUA Board adopted a final rule implementing the Credit Union Governance Modernization Act at its Thursday meeting. The bill—and subsequent rulemaking—updates the federal credit union member expulsion process.

Specifically, it permits a federal credit union to expel a member for cause by two-thirds vote of a quorum of the federal credit union’s board of directors.

It also includes a CUNA-requested standard disclosure form of the expulsion policy that can be used by a federal credit union rather than developing its own.

The rule will become effective 30 days after publication in the Federal Register.

The board also received an update on the 2023 budget. NCUA staff estimate spending will be approximately $5.1 million lower than the board-approved 2023 Operating Budget, based on projections through the end of the year.

The projected surplus will cover six new positions for 2023 at a cost of $394,000 (2023) and $1.4 million (2024):

  • Two new positions in the CURE office. The additional support is necessary to cover an increase in the number of applications received by the division of Consumer Access in the past few years.
  • Four new cybersecurity positions in the Office of the Chief Information Officer. Two positions will focus on vulnerability analysis, and the other two will focus on cloud cybersecurity.

Agency staff is working on the draft 2024 budget, which should be available in the coming months.