Message to Congress highlights credit union difference during recess

CUNA-League advocates messaged Congress to share information about key areas of the credit union difference.

August 9, 2023

CUNA Deputy Chief Advocacy Officer for Federal Government Affairs Jason Stverak wrote to members of Congress Wednesday to share information about key areas of the credit union difference. 

The message was the first of several planned from CUNA and Leagues over the August recess to educate members of Congress and staffs about what the credit union difference means for members and communities. 

"Credit unions focus on helping their member-owners—your constituents— to remain stable in challenging times like these. Two-thirds of Americans—187 million people—are 'financially unhealthy' according to the Financial Health Network. Credit unions want to change that! Our focus is on people's financial well-being," Stverak wrote. 

"Credit unions invest in our members with higher returns on savings, lower interest rates on loans, and fewer fees. As not-for-profit, community-focused institutions, credit unions are consumers' best financial partner and work tirelessly to advance the communities they serve," he added. 

The message included a video from California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues SVP of Federal Government Affairs Stephanie Cuevas.

"The credit union difference is how we operate. Credit unions are not-for-profit member-owned financial cooperatives. Everyone who uses a credit union is an equal owner, unlike banks that answer to a small group of stockholders or investors," she said. "Having member-owners means credit unions do what's best for consumers and gives those profits back to their members."