Caroline Willard

Willard: Proposed merger brings stronger voice, greater impact

August 10, 2023

The vision for America’s Credit Unions is a stronger voice and greater impact, Cornerstone League President/CEO and CUNA Board Vice Chair Caroline Willard wrote in CUInsight this week. Sharing her thoughts on the proposed merger of CUNA and NAFCU, Willard said aligning talent, services, and events will maximize value for members.

“There are 137 million credit union members and 4,800 credit unions in the United States. The more cohesive we are, the more powerful our message is,” she wrote. “This merger means members of both associations will benefit from a combined, unified organization with strategic alignment, greater efficiencies, and streamlined member engagement.

Willard added that it’s “another step in the evolution” of the CUNA/League system.

“During the negotiations, I was highly passionate about preserving: The tight connection between the Leagues’ adept boots-on-the-ground grassroots work and relationship-building within congressional districts and CUNA’s skillful navigation of Capitol Hill; and the Leagues’ role as the ‘eyes and ears’ for the system, spotting impending threats that could spread to other states, or metastasize into harmful federal legislation,” she wrote.

The also notes she envisions America’s Credit Unions as “one powerhouse entity” that can claim:

  • One singular voice and message.
  • One powerful communications effort.
  • One unfragmented legislative agenda.
  • One best-in-class compliance function.