Goalsetter joins CUNA Strategic Services as newest alliance provider

August 21, 2023

CUNA Strategic Services is pleased to announce their new alliance with Goalsetter, the award-winning family financial education-focused spending, saving and investing platform.

CUNA Strategic Services chose to ally with Goalsetter because this collaboration will equip credit unions to offer world-class financial education resources to their member schools, community organizations and local communities. 

"At CUNA Strategic Services, we prioritize our alignment with best-of-the-best credit union solutions providers after a rigorous selection process," said Barb Lowman, President, CUNA Strategic Services. "Capturing the next generation of consumers is an industry-must, and we believe Goalsetter's innovative financial education and savings platform is the best-in-class white label solution that empowers credit unions to meet this challenge head on."

According to research by Insider Intelligence, an estimated four million Gen Z individuals will open accounts annually through 2026. Winning the hearts and minds of this digitally native, social media-driven generation is vital for the future of credit unions. Goalsetter’s white-labeled solution provides tools designed to effectively capture and engage younger consumers with financial wellness content presented in a way that resonates with their social media-savvy sensibilities.

"A 2022 survey by GoBankingRates revealed that 38% of Gen Zers learn about personal finance from social media. Goalsetter understands that to resonate with the next generation of financial consumers, content must both speak their language and meet them where they are – on their devices," stated Tanya Van Court, CEO of Goalsetter. "With a focus on financial education and innovative financial wellness content built around pop culture, memes, GIFs and interactive games, Goalsetter’s platform aims to ensure credit unions can effectively engage with younger consumers and provide them with the personalized services they seek. By joining forces, Goalsetter and CUNA Strategic Services are driving a transformative change in the financial wellness landscape.”

Goalsetter was founded by former Nickelodeon and Discovery Education children's digital programming executive Tanya Van Court. Visit Goalsetter for more information.