Creatio Chief Growth Officer Andie Dovgan
Creatio Chief Growth Officer Andie Dovgan

Supercharging the digital transformation

How the no-code approach empowers credit unions to outpace competitors.

August 28, 2023

Digital transformation plays a crucial role in our changed world and economy. Members expect credit unions to provide them with slick digital processes coupled with personalized and tailored approaches.

These expectations are only increasing. Large financial services institutions spend unseen resources to keep up with digital demands and trends. However, credit unions, due to the nature of their business, don’t have the luxury of taping into unlimited IT budgets and teams.

Creatio Chief Growth Officer Andie Dovgan joined a late July episode of the CUNA News Podcast to discuss how credit unions can digitize their workflows and outpace larger competitors by employing the no-code approach.

What is no-code? And how can it help credit unions?

No-code could become the secret sauce for credit unions focused on expanding their digital transformation without skyrocketing IT expenses. No-code is an approach in software development that provides users with visual drag-and-drop tools to configure user views, automate workflows, and set up integrations with core and other systems—all without traditional coding and a need for advanced technical skills.

With no-code platforms, business technologists with an understanding of company needs and processes can participate in development efforts and collaborate with IT teams to deploy new, modernized applications.

Implementing no-code strategies allows credit unions to significantly increase the number of employees involved in automating workflows. Rather than relying on smaller IT teams, credit unions can engage a larger pool of employees by training business teams in no-code platform capabilities and collaborative development approaches.

The business teams can use no-code platforms to launch a broad spectrum of applications impacting the member experience—everything from modern CRM to member onboarding, lending, branch consultations, contact center, next-best offers, compliance workflows, and more.

Becoming more agile

The no-code approach can enable credit unions to automate member-centric workflows and deploy front and middle office applications at speed and scale. This helps credit unions introduce changes on the fly, equipping credit unions to quickly innovate efficient digital experiences and outmaneuver larger, less nimble competitors.

Why credit unions should invest in no-code technologies

The credit union landscape is changing at a fast pace. Institutions that prioritize digital strategies and invest in modern technology can strengthen their market position and build a foundation for future growth.

Smart credit unions that harness a no-code approach can boost their digital transformation and captivate members with streamlined and personalized experiences while not burning large IT budgets. This results in a quicker time to market, increased member experience and employee satisfaction, and decreased operating costs.

ANDIE DOVGAN is chief growth officer at Creatio.