Zach Hancock

PODCAST: Compassionate financial education

Marine Credit Union's Zach Hancock educates a 'forgotten audience.'

August 25, 2023

After helping a formerly incarcerated individual raise his credit score, Marine Credit Union’s Zach Hancock “wanted to find a way to help.”

He joins this episode of the CUNA News Podcast to share how he made it happen by teaching a financial empowerment course at the La Crosse County Jail in Wisconsin.

“If you see something you're passionate about, go for it,” says Hancock, who served one term in the United States Marine Corps before joining the $1 billion asset credit union in La Crosse. “Don't let other people define you.”

Listen now to hear Hancock explain his passion, describe Project Proven, share the significance of financial education, and explore the importance of second chances.

“Some students reach out to me when they get out, wanting to continue that education and pursue some of the ideas we had,” Hancock says. “They're taking that opportunity to better themselves. It’s a great journey to watch.”

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In this episode:

0:25: Episode introduction

2:05: Meet Zach Hancock

3:20: Marine Credit Union’s current focus

4:38: Marine’s lending operations

5:23: Introduction to Project Proven

7:29: Why Hancock teaches financial empowerment to incarcerated individuals

9:30: How the course works

12:23: Building a spending plan

14:47: The importance of financial education

17:27: Advice for credit unions interested in improving their financial education efforts

18:08: Anyone can make an impact