REV Federal Credit Union employees volunteer Monday as part of REV Day for Good, an annual event held on Indigenous Peoples' Day

‘A collective force for good’

REV Day for Good creates impact in action on Indigenous Peoples' Day.

October 10, 2023

All REV Federal Credit Union branches were empty Monday.

However, nonprofits in the communities served by the Summerville, S.C., credit union were filled with volunteers, including 230 REV Federal employees participating in REV Day for Good.

The third-annual event, held on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, saw credit union employees in the community helping local nonprofits knock items off their to-do lists. This year, REV Federal employees contributed 1,300 volunteer hours in support of 23 nonprofits in South Carolina and North Carolina.

“We're looking for organizations that are truly local; that really have their finger on the pulse of the issues impacting the communities we serve,” says Dustin Haynes, public relations manager at the $1.1 billion asset credit union. “We're addressing needs. That’s why we’re supporting a wide range of service projects, from beach cleanups to orphan relief, and causes benefitting area teachers and veterans. Our goal is to be a catalyst for good.”

The idea behind REV Day for Good started four years ago with a rebrand, during which the credit union wanted to, as Haynes says, “essentially redefine the way we look at community impact and promote resiliency in the communities REV serves. It takes our corporate social responsibility to the next level, beyond just philanthropic donations. We call it impact in action.”

Nonprofits interested in REV Day for Good nominate themselves to the credit union. Then, credit union employees serving as site coordinators meet with nonprofit representatives, learn about the organization’s needs, and assess how REV Federal volunteers could assist.

Public Relations Coordinator Kelly Nix leads the effort, allowing the credit union to spread its resources efficiently when Indigenous Peoples’ Day arrives.

“We encourage our employees throughout the year to find their volunteer crush and to make an impact with that organization,” Haynes says. “We're empowering our employees to continue that work through REV Day for Good. Employees sign up for the project they're most passionate about. It's entirely up to them what project they’re going to support.”

All volunteers spent a couple hours in the morning at their place of choice. In the afternoon, everyone gathered for a group build with Habitat for Humanity.

The credit union showcases its efforts via social media at #UpTheGood.

“It's an opportunity for us to collectively be a force for good,” Haynes says, noting the credit union also offers monthly monetary givebacks to local nonprofits. “This is what this organization tries to do—inspire people to get plugged in and involved. We're passionate about ensuring that the communities we serve are thriving. If the community isn’t thriving, REV isn’t thriving.”