Andreas Hoye, CEO of SplitmediaLabs, developers of VCam.
Andreas Hoye, CEO of SplitmediaLabs, developers of VCam.

ITMs, AI, and digital innovation: Improving the efficiency of credit unions

Discover the challenges in implementing interactive teller machines in credit unions, and how artificial intelligence tools are making a difference.

November 13, 2023

Addressing ITM inconveniences: The AI solutions for credit unions

In recent years, many credit unions have adopted interactive teller machines (ITMs) to provide their members with convenient and accessible services. ITMs allow members to conduct a wide range of transactions, including cash withdrawals and deposits, check cashing, and bill pay, without having to visit a branch.

While providing various advantages, ITMs also pose challenges that may affect a credit union's reputation. Problems like subpar video and audio quality, distracting backgrounds, and an unprofessional appearance can diminish the member experience and tarnish the credit union's image.

AI-driven apps: Practical tools for ITM agents in credit unions

A recent article from highlights the transformative potential of AI tools such as and in improving how ITM agents in credit unions interact with members. These tools provide easily implemented, secure, and practical ways to improve the quality and efficiency of virtual customer interactions.'s impact on visual communication for ITM agents takes member interaction a step further by enhancing the visual aspect of virtual meetings. This AI-powered virtual camera improves video quality in real-time and offers features like background blur and replacement. For ITM agents, this means maintaining a professional appearance and visual focus during member interactions, regardless of their location. The result is a more engaging and high-quality video experience for the member.

The benefits of VCam for ITM agents include:

  • Improved visual focus during member interactions, as ITM agents can be confident that their member will be able to focus on them, not their surroundings.
  • Ability to maintain a professional appearance, even if ITM agents are working from home or in a noisy environment.
  • Better member engagement through high-quality video, as member can see ITM agents clearly and build stronger relationships with them.

VCam assists ITM agents in managing video backgrounds, thereby boosting professionalism and privacy, and positively impacting the corporate image during member interactions.

How improves audio communication for ITM agents employs machine learning algorithms to filter out background noise during online meetings, ensuring crystal-clear audio communication. This not only improves the clarity of conversations with members but also enhances the overall professionalism of the interaction, reducing distractions from ambient noises.

The benefits of Krisp for ITM agents:

  • Improved clarity in audio communication with members, leading to enhanced member satisfaction.
  • Reduced distractions from background noises, allowing ITM agents to focus on providing excellent member service.
  • Enhanced professionalism during member interactions, as ITM agents can be confident that members will be able to hear them clearly.

The future landscape: AI and ITMs reshaping credit unions

Imagine this... A credit union member walks up to an ITM and is greeted by a friendly and professional agent. The agent's voice is crystal clear, and their video is high-quality, even though they're working from home. The agent uses their AI tools to efficiently handle the member's transaction and answer their questions. The member leaves feeling satisfied and confident that their needs have been met.

This is the future of ITMs, powered by AI. AI tools can help ITM agents be more efficient, productive, and professional, leading to a better member experience for everyone. 

These tools can also be used to improve the experience of every online sales, marketing, or management call, regardless of location. Remote work is here to stay, and future-focused organizations will make it easier and more convenient for all their teams to represent the credit union in a consistent and professional way. 

ANDREAS HOYE is the CEO of SplitmediaLabs, developers of VCam.