Logan Mohtashami, lead analyst at HousingWire (Photo by

LISTEN: The state of housing

Economist Logan Mohtashami on the housing market and implications for mortgage lending.

January 1, 2024

Logan Mohtashami, lead analyst at HousingWire, describes the state of the current housing economy this way: “Savagely unhealthy.”

“There are too many people chasing too few homes with escalated prices,” he told attendees at the 2023 CUNA Lending Council Conference Tuesday in Denver. “It’s the ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’ game where there aren’t enough balls for people to chase.”

He spoke with Deputy Editor Bill Merrick to explain why we’re not experiencing another housing bubble, discuss the prospect of a job loss recession, and share why he thinks “the Fed is acting like it’s the 1970s.”

Listen now: