Computer Crime

February 1, 2006

Computer Crime

Virus attacks remain the top threat to computer security, according to a report by the

Computer Security Institute (CSI), San Francisco. But close behind are unauthorized use of computer systems and 'denial of service' attacks--sending more traffic to a network address than the system can handle.

Organizations address these threats with a variety of tools, namely firewalls and anti-virus software. The use of smart cards and other one-time password tokens is on the rise, the survey reports, while use of intrusion prevention systems has fallen. These systems attempt to identify and bock malicious network activity in real time.Security Technologies UsedFirewalls97%Anti-virus software96Intrusion detection systems72Server-based access control lists70Encryption for data in transit68Reusable account/login passwords52Encrypted files46Smart cards or other one-time password tokens42Public key infrastructure35Intrusion prevention systems35Biometrics15%

Source: CSI/FBI 2005 and Security Survey