ICU Day Celebrates CUs Around the World

Credit unions serve more than 184 million members worldwide.

October 1, 2010
video See how WOCCU spreads the CU message worldwide. View a photo slide show.

Since its inception, the global credit union movement has sought out people in need of affordable financial services, and World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) has been a primary force in spreading the credit union influence around the globe.

In Afghanistan, credit unions are called Islamic investment and finance cooperatives (IIFCs); in Kenya, savings and credit cooperatives (SACCOs); and in Haiti, caisse populaires. The languages spoken often are different, but in each country the services provided adhere to the same cooperative principles.

Some credit unions use pencils and paper ledgers, while others use sophisticated hand-held technology to bring real-time services to remote rural communities. No matter where they exist or who they serve, credit unions provide an affordable alternative to other financial institutions and a social and economic lifeline to their members.

See how WOCCU spreads the credit union message around the world: View a photo slide show.