Six Layers Of Cloud Computing

What should CUs consider when evaluating cloud computing systems?

October 1, 2010

Mastering cloud computing is as much about keeping up with the market space as it is understanding what each vendor provides, says Jay Liebe, director of integration at Switch Communications Group.

He cites six “fundamental layers” credit unions should consider when evaluating cloud computing systems:

1. Data center facility. Review physical security attributes including access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, full-time security staff, and security training program.

2. Server capacity. Cloud computing provides access to multiple computers to accommodate traffic spikes.

3. Storage capacity. Although the cost per gigabyte of storage has declined over the past few years, the increased use of storage has more than made up for it.

4. Elasticity and resizability. These factors represent the ability to be highly flexible to changes in volume.

5. Security. Examine potential security risks beginning with the networking layer, the provider’s operations, and then the cloud application.

6. Connectivity reliability. The cloud service should use multiple Internet or network service providers to achieve the best connection and provide the lowest cost.