CUNA Tools December 2010

December 1, 2010

Fortify Members’ Financial Abilities

The recession has raised your members’ anxiety level about their finances, making financial education more important than ever. Strengthen members’ money-management skills with these resources from the Credit Union National Association (CUNA).

Help members budget

Help members learn to budget—and stick to it—with these two popular handbooks, both revised in 2010:

  • Guide to Money: Getting a Good Start. This handbook helps young adults learn about the key financial issues they’ll tackle as they move out on their own. It promotes smart money management and the use of credit union services. (Stock No. 20769) 
  • Design Your Spending Plan: Budget Blueprint. Many consumers live paycheck to paycheck and use credit inappropriately. Help your members as they plan, save, and budget for the future with this 32-page handbook. (Stock No. 25150)

Deal with dealers

Rely on these resources to ensure members get the best rate—and your credit union gets the loans:

  • Take the Wheel: Get the Best Car Deal. Everything you need to plan and execute a member seminar is in this kit—just add the members! Then help members determine how much car they can afford, negotiate the best price, and decipher financing options. (Stock No. 26673)
  • Your Vehicle Buying Road Map. Shopping for a vehicle can be time-consuming and confusing. Take members step-by-step through every phase of a vehicle purchase with this 32-page handbook. (Stock No. 26825)
  • Refinancing Puts Money in Your Pocket. This drive-up envelope reminds members that refinancing high-interest auto loans at the credit union could significantly reduce their monthly payments. (Stock No. 29473)
  • What Beats 0% Financing? Use this drive-up envelope to show members that a rebate with a credit union loan is a better deal than 0% auto financing. (Stock No. 29677)  


Start With Students

These classroom materials put young adults on track to build strong personal finance habits: 

  • Money@School™ This four-lesson curriculum introduces middle-school students to the basics of personal finance, outlines saving goals, and teaches the ins and outs of credit. (Stock No. 29470)
  • Can I Make It on My Own? ™This high-school curriculum introduces students to the basics of financial planning, exposes teenagers to the reality of day-to-day expenses, and teaches them how to plan and budget for adult independence. (Stock No. 29469)
  • Mad City Money™ This kit gives high-school students a taste of the real world. Simulations allow participants to make mistakes—and suffer the consequences of their decisions—in a realistic but safe environment. An ideal introduction to the Can I Make It on My Own? classroom guide. (Stock No. 27732) 

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