Scenes from the America's CU Conference: Sunday

Texas CU League President/CEO Dick Ensweiler welcomes attendees to San Antonio.

June 20, 2011
Dick Ensweiler Texas CU League President/CEO Dick Ensweiler, in keeping with the theme of the America’s CU Conference, "Big Time. Big Ideas. Big Opportunity," introduces attendees to Texas, where “everything is bigger." (CUNA photos)
CUNA Chair Harriet May, CEO of GECU in El Paso, Texas, reacts to Emcee Greg Schwem’s skewering of CU-related acronyms. Harriet May
Alison Levine "Fear is normal, but complacency can kill you," notes adventurist Alison Levine.
Comedian/emcee Greg Schwem gets things rolling along by displaying the June issue of Credit Union Magazine. Greg Schwen
CU Hero CUNA President/CEO Bill Cheney (left) presented Credit Union Magazine's 2011 CU Hero of the Year Award to Maurice Smith, president/CEO of Local Government FCU, Raleigh, N.C.
Build a community presence to attract Hispanic members, advises Warren Morrow, CEO of Coopera Consulting. Hispanic members
Exhibit Hall The Exhibit Hall’s Grand Opening and reception followed Sunday's opening General Session.
TraceSecurity’s drawing for an iPad attracts interest during Sunday's Exhibit Hall Grand Opening and reception. Exhibit Hall

Small CU Roundtable


Above: During Sunday's Small CU Roundtable, Filene Research Institute Senior Fellow Bob Hoel (far right) talks about consumers’ desire to patronize local service providers whether they're microbreweries or financial institutions. “Credit unions are the local option when it comes to financial services, and you need to let your community know you’re there for them."

Joining him were (from left) Scot Tsuchiyama, manager of Kekaha (Hawaii) FCU, and Gary Parker, president/CEO of 1st University CU, Waco, Texas.