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Goldmark FCU a Haven for Hounds

CU’s dogged determination helps animals and delights members.

March 14, 2012

We are a small credit union with six ambassadors—employees, as some would say.

We all have a role in promoting the credit union within the community. One of our unique efforts is our Animal Ambassador program, through which we partner with local animal shelters for adoption days.

These occur mostly on Saturday mornings, when our members get to view the local pets that need homes. We have had more than a dozen success stories.

For extreme animal abuse cases we hold fundraisers. We brought in more than $2,000 for a mix poodle that was adopted by one of our members.

We also have “Pet Fridays.” The members just love coming into the office to visit their furry friends. Of course, our members’ pets are always welcomed.

Goldmark FCU Goldmark FCU Goldmark FCU

Goldmark FCU's Animal Ambassador program helps local animal shelters place stray pets in homes.

The community recognizes Goldmark Federal Credit Union for the work we do to help the furry members of the community.  We have also been a drop-off center for the shelters that need supplies, and we have collected items that were delivered to the Springfield area after the tornado that passed through the city.

Sometimes it’s the ones that don’t have a voice that give us the most attention.

This is just one of the great things we do to be creative and get the community talking about Goldmark Federal Credit Union. We have had many stories in the local Sun Chronicle newspaper.

Animals help people reduce stress, and those that do not have pets get real enjoyment helping them and sharing our dogs on Fridays.

JOANNE ROBIDOUX is president of Goldmark Federal Credit Union, Attleboro, Mass.