Tools to Enhance Drive-Through Security

Maintain drive-through security.

April 1, 2012

Today’s drive-up lane is the delivery channel of choice for many members—and a target for would-be criminals who aren’t brazen enough to walk into a lobby.

A Diebold white paper, “Maintaining a Focus on Facility Security in the Age of the Electronic Channel,” cites two security tools to help credit unions maintain drive-through security:

1. Bullet-resistive products can reduce the risk of burglary, holdups, and vandalism at this point of service.

Bullet-resistive windows, drawers, and pass-through trays help protect both members and employees.

2. Two-way video allows credit unions to relocate tellers from the drive-through window to a more secure location without sacrificing service.

Installation of two-way video in each drive-up lane allows tellers and members to interact. Video capabilities also enable the recording of drive-up transactions and can be leveraged to deliver on-screen marketing messages to consumers during down time.

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