Spouses More Distracting than Social Media

Personal relationship issues are the biggest distraction at work.

September 1, 2012

One in five employees says “personal relationship issues” are the biggest distraction at work, according to a poll released by ComPsych Corp.

In comparison, 4% of respondents say personal communications (cell phone, email/instant messaging, social media) top their list of biggest workplace distractions.

ComPsych is a global provider of employee assistance programs.

“Relationship problems continue to be a top reason for calls to ComPsych,” says Dr. Richard Chaifetz, chairman/CEO. “These issues can occupy a significant amount of time and attention, making it difficult to focus at work.”

In addition to the 22% of respondents who say personal relationship issues are their biggest distraction at work, other respondents point to:

► Co-workers who want to chat (19%);

► Challenges with work relationships (16%);

► Financial/legal problems (15%);

►Child-related or care-giving issues (11%);

► Personal health problems (6%); and

 ► Personal communications (4%).