Report to Subscribers

You’re getting a lot from the magazine, according to our latest readership survey.

November 18, 2012

It’s essential that a publication stay closely aligned with the informational needs of its subscribers. This is a top priority at Credit Union Magazine, and we have multiple ways of doing that:

  • An editorial advisory board includes people from the major operational disciplines—marketing, finance, lending, technology, human resources, and compliance. We hold regular conference calls with the advisory board to make sure our content remains relevant.
  • Editors and writers cultivate their own networks of professionals who work for credit unions or for companies that support credit unions.
  • These experts help us navigate the complexities of credit union issues and operations.
  • Reader-feedback options are clearly displayed in the magazine and on our website.
  • Independent research companies ask you—our readers—how we’re doing, and how we could improve.

We recently hired Readex Research, Stillwater, Minn., to conduct a readership survey, which we do annually. We just received the results, and here’s what the Readex survey found:

  • 74% of our readers spend more than 30 minutes reading a typical issue of Credit Union Magazine. In this age of ever-shrinking attention spans, that’s an eternity.
  • 64% of our readers thoroughly read more than half of each issue.
  • Subscribers pass each issue of the magazine along to an average 1.8 people (known in the publishing industry as the “pass-along rate”).
  • Good news for advertisers—41% of readers discussed an ad with others, 38% visited an advertiser’s website, 35% filed an ad away for future reference, and 32% passed an ad along to someone else.
  • Nearly all readers (92%) do their professional reading in print publications, 84% use PCs, 31% use tablet devices, and 28% use smartphones.

It’s important for us understand what topics you’d like us to be researching and writing about. It’s also important for us to understand how you’d like to consume that information—print, PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Just as you use multiple channels to deliver financial services to your members, so must we use multiple channels to deliver our editorial content to our subscribers. To give you multiple options for reading Credit Union Magazine, we recently developed an iPad app and are offering it free to all subscribers at

As we continue to refine our electronic delivery channels, please let us know how we’re doing and how we can improve.

STEVE RODGERS is editor-in-chief of Credit Union Magazine.